Professional Services in Key Technologies

ClearShark Enablement Services is a team of highly skilled professionals specially trained to provide project-based professional services in key technologies. Our experts are experienced in providing enablement services in specialized and sensitive areas and are committed to developing and customizing solutions and services for next-generation cyber security issues, ensuring mission enablement and the protection of operations, infrastructure, and security interests.

Published Pricing

CS-ENG-HOUR, ClearShark Engineer, Hour Rate:  $300/HOUR

CS-ENG-TS-HOUR, ClearShark Engineer, Cleared-Hour Rate:  $375/HOUR

CS-ENG-DAY, ClearShark Engineer, Day Rate:  $2,400/DAY

CS-ENG-TS-DAY, ClearShark Daily Cleared Resource:  $3,000/DAY

CS-ENG-WEEK, ClearShark Engineer, Week Rate:  $12,000/WEEK

CS-ENG-TS-WEEK, ClearShark Engineer, Cleared-Week Rate:  $15,000/WEEK

CS-ENG-TRAVEL/EXPENSE, ClearShark Engineer (T&E):  $500/DAY