About Us

Who We Are

ClearShark Services is a team of subject matter experts specially trained and certified to provide professional services in key technologies for short- and long-term engagements.

Our experts are experienced in providing services in specialized and sensitive areas, ensuring mission enablement and the protection of operations, infrastructure, and security interests. We are committed to developing and customizing solutions and services in many areas, including but not limited to cloud/cloud migrations, next-generation cyber security issues, and big data analytics.


Establishing ClearShark and ClearShark Inc

In 2001, Martin Bentz & Kefton Schermerhorn established ClearShark and began providing storage and architecture expertise to commercial projects, while establishing a solid service presence within the Intelligence Community (IC). Within a couple of years, additional storage engineers had been hired, and the Department of Defense became the sole focus for ClearShark’s consulting services. By 2005, strategic vendors such as NetApp, VMware, and Microsoft were in place, and ClearShark created a reseller business unit, providing custom business solutions to the IC.

As a response to the demand for Splunk professional services, ClearShark began building out the professional services unit in 2018. Within a couple of years, the services business had diversified beyond just Splunk professional services to include Palo Alto Networks and Qmulos services as well as Splunk training, and had grown tenfold. In order to provide the absolute best service to our customers, the decision was made to decouple the services organization from ClearShark proper. A separate company was established, known as ClearShark Services, with Marshall Bailey serving as President.


Tech World Growth

Throughout the past several years, ClearShark has increased its footprint in the technological world, experiencing consistent and strong growth in providing cutting-edge solutions for our government customers and working closely with and partnering with industry leaders in storage, networking, virtualization, and cybersecurity.


Today’s Endeavor

Today, ClearShark’s technical and sales consultants continue to work with top vendors in the industry. We provide expertise to deliver the best overall storage, systems, network, and security solutions to the IC and beyond. We explore all possible options, and then recommend the ideal combination of products and services. Our flexible and collaborative process delivers customized, integrated, and managed solutions that exceed your mission and goals and enable us to maximize your IT investments.